We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

Outreach, Link-building and PR Guru
This has got to be a dream job for a creative SEO… If you’re part SEO Ninja, part PR guru then read on!
We’re looking for an SEO/PR professional who understands Inbound Marketing and has a proven track record in devising, implementing and analysing successful inbound marketing campaigns across a wide range of B2B and B2C websites in the UK and beyond.

Analytics SEO is a fast growing, professional SEO software (SaaS) business that counts leading SEO agencies and digital marketing firms worldwide amongst its clients.

This is a unique position and although we have a profile of who we think fits the bill (part SEO Ninja, part PR relationship builder, part Social Media junkie), feel free to surprise us if your background is very relevant but slightly different to that outlined below.

If you’d love to spend your day working with a passionate inbound marketing, SEO research and content development team to create and implement cutting edge link building, partner development and PR techniques then call us now.

You’ll be passionate about all inbound marketing techniques, especially search engine optimisation software, and will have a strong bias in your career towards link building and online PR.

You will have access to amazing resources; from Majestic SEO backlink data (arguably the largest independent database of backlinks in the world) and superb SEO tools to help you be as effective as possible.

You’re probably adept at using the latest software to get your current job done, and you may even have a burning desire to specify your own inbound marketing tools that you’ll test drive in this role and that may even one day become commercial products in their own right.
Main Duties:

  • Lead our outreach and PR campaigns
  • Work with a top calibre inbound marketing team to create and implement amazing SEO research, online marketing tools, marketing programmes and promotions
  • Publish, share, listen, engage and build relationships with potential media outlets, websites, blogs, influencers, partners and customers
  • Use your skills in competitive intelligence to generate new leads and nurture existing opportunities

Essential Skills:

  •      Ambitious and passionate about search engine optimisation and PR
  •     Proven track record (with stats to back it up) in outreach, link building, PR
  •     Strong desire to research and share the latest SEO techniques and strategies
  •     Practical experience of implementing successful social media campaigns
  •     Superb interpersonal and communication skills
  •     First class spoken and written English
  •     Commercial acumen


You will probably have the following qualifications and skills:

  •     First and/or a second degree in Marketing, Business, Media, Journalism, English, Psychology (but we’ll consider other degrees)
  •     Several years PQE in a link building, PR, Social media or SEO role
  •     A demonstrable track-record of SEO success and a desire to progress your career
  •     Experience of website design, CSS and HTML
  •     An understanding of most online marketing disciplines
  •     Excellent communication, organisational, collaboration, reporting, analytical and problem solving skills
  •     You’re probably a good networker and very sociable (we are…Yes, even the engineering team!)
  •     You’re likely to have an active blog, twitter account and a decent Klout score
  •     Well honed pool, table football skills or Urban Terror skills


Why work with us?

We appreciate a person with your talents has got the pick of many an employer! But we’re not looking for employees; we’re looking for like-minded, fun-loving, hard working and inspirational contributors to our team. Like any software company, we think we’re innovative, dynamic and all those other clichés! But more importantly, we want to build an open and honest culture, where the work we do is world-class but where we never feel like we’re going to work.

Analytics SEO is based in Teddington, SW London. We've spent the last three years building our SEO platform, and are committed to making it the best in the world. Our mantra is;

“The day we think the software is finished we will be!

We’re well funded and are about to move to shiny new offices. We’re not flash though and are pretty down-to-earth guys and gals. After all, there’s no point in working hard unless you get a chance to enjoy the finer things in life. We want you to have a life outside of work – we all do.

Our ethos is:
  • Remember there’s more to life than work - so strive to make our lives and our customers’ lives easier by building great software
  • Move heaven and earth to deliver on our promises
  • Treat everyone the way we like to be treated
  • Be honest about what we’re good at and what we need to improve
  • Make tremendous efforts to get things right first time, and make amends as soon as possible on the occasions we don’t
  • Be honest, fair and reasonable in our business dealings
  • Share our research, insights and knowledge openly and without expectation of rewards or kick-backs
  • Strive continuously to offer world-class software as a service - delivering on both is the only option

Will we make a good team?
Important: If you’re keen to join our team and work with us every day…. please read our ethos and our story on our website before applying.

What does this philosophy mean? Does it mean you have to play golf to join us?
No, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt ;-)

All it means is you have got to have a heartfelt desire to be part of a winning team (and that includes being a virtual part of our customers’ teams). Helping others, listening, analysing, optimising, sharing are key skills - you’re a problem solver and you really, really passionately want to make a difference. You strive for continuous improvement and a world-class outcome and you won’t want to stop when you get there!

We’ll expect you to (and you’re the kind of person who’ll want to) contribute to all aspects of the business. We’re doubling the team this year and this is a superb opportunity to be a part of a growing business (and even own a part through our share option scheme). Salaries are competitive depending on your experience. If you are interested in international career opportunities as the business grows then so much the better.

How to apply?

Drop the CEO an email with a synopsis of your approach to this challenging role, your CV and your salary expectations now and in 3 years time!


UK and US SEO Jobs in Twickenham and Houston, TX

We’re recruiting at all levels of the company in the UK, Europe and the USA.

You see we’re growing fast and are gaining more and more lovely clients from all four corners of the planet!

We don’t care where you went to school (as long as you did and occasionally listened!); we don’t mind where you are from either….but we are really interested in where you are going.

If you’re ambitious, driven and like having fun and success in equal measure - then please find our CEO on LinkedIn and drop him a line, or get in touch using the contact details on this page.

We’re looking to fill the following roles right now!

Not looking yourself but know someone who is ?  Refer them and earn yourself a nice free iPad when they start!

UK - Chief Technical Officer (HIRING NOW - MAY 2013)

UK - Development Team Manager (HIRING NOW - MAY 2013)

UK - MySQL DBA/System Administrator (HIRED - APRIL 2013)

UK - UI/UX Interface Designer (HIRED - APRIL 2013)

UK - PHP Software engineers (HIRING NOW - MAY 2013)

UK - Outreach, PR & Link building specialist (HIRING NOW - MAY 2013)

UK - Customer Experience Account Managers (LOOKING FOR 1 NEW ACCOUNT MANAGER in the UK & 1 in the US - MAY 2013)


FRANCE - SEO & Inbound Marketing Manager (HIRING NOW - MAY 2013)


USA - Software engineers (HIRING NOW - MAY 2013)

USA - Customer Experience Account Managers (LOOKING FOR 1 NEW ACCOUNT MANAGER in the UK & 1 in the US - MAY 2013)


Not looking yourself but know someone who is ? Refer them and earn yourself a nice free iPad when they start!

We offer what you would expect from a well established start-up – including competitive salary, equity and a hard-working fun and friendly team.

We have set out the requirements for the majority of roles above.  However, for some of the more senior roles we have not done so.  At this senior level your CV should speak for itself and you should have a clear idea of what the role will entail; after the role is what you make it!  Just call us and have a chat or send us your CV with a short covering note telling us what you will bring to the business.

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