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We like to think we’re an open and friendly company to deal with, so we’ve built an open and friendly API for you to connect to your software application, or in-house analytics or reporting platform.

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icons_69Customers use our API for all sorts of reasons. . .

  • Creating pre-sales proposals in bulk for sales or direct marketing purposes
  • Integrating their web analytics and SEO data into their internal dashboards
  • Integrating keyword ranking data into their existing reporting systems or product or service
  • Creating new products or services using our data; for example, one the UK’s leading online yellow pages directories utilise our API to offer straightforward, no-nonsense SEO and website reports to their small business customers
  • Get data once or as regularly as you desire

Our APIs allow you to access some of the data in Analytics SEO and use it to power your own applications or your own internal systems.

The terms of supply do not allow the inclusion of our data in any platform, product or service for pre-sales or re-distribution without a separate commercial agreement.  In some instances our API includes data from third party providers and is subject to additional terms and conditions.  So please contact us before starting development and you never know, you may even be eligible for a free development API key and quota.

icons_64Ad-hoc vs. Ongoing API Methodshome_manage_importer

Get the data you want when you want it.

Some of our API methods can be made on ad-hoc basis for any site, others require the site to be monitored regularly on the Analytics SEO platform which means you will need a paid Analytics SEO account.  For ease of reference we have labelled them ‘Ad-hoc’ and/or ‘Ongoing’ so you know which methods require ongoing monitoring and analysis by our back-end jobs.

For example, any data that is based on a site crawl (e.g. Dead Links or Duplicate Title Tags) requires a domain to be added to Analytics SEO so that a weekly crawl can be run.  Our spider, called Curious George, will crawl as many pages as he can in one continuous 24 hour period every week.  Whereas, if you just want to know the basic health of a website an ad-hoc site audit will do just fine.

If you are after keyword ranking data then we can help you in three ways;

i) You can make as many ad-hoc API requests as you like (subject to your package limits), and/or;

ii) You can add a domain(s) and an unlimited number of keywords (subject to your package limits) to the Analytics SEO platform through the API and then retrieve the keyword rank results weekly, and/or;

iii) For heavy volume users we have a very flexible high performance Big Data API which can support extremely large volumes of queries at high speed.

N/B: At the moment not all of the data that we build, crawl, analyse and calculate is available via the API.  If you are an existing Analytics SEO user and you find some data you would like in the API then please let us know.

icons_71Ad-hoc Keyword Check API

Get thousands of keyword rank checks in over 100 countries globally.

This allows you to make multiple simultaneous ‘Requests’ for a keyword ranking position and landing page for a keyword and search engine combination for a given domain.  It is an instant ad-hoc Request (i.e. the keyword rankings are performed whilst you wait) and is limited to 1,000 Requests per hour (during your trial) and this can be increased depending upon your needs.

Every API key has a Quota and a Request Limit; this is determined by the pre-paid package you have selected.  The Request Limit is set to 1,000 Requests per hour (during any trial period) and no more than 20 simultaneous requests.  This can be increased to meet your needs once you have selected the right package for your needs.

N/B: If you are monitoring a website on the On-going Site API then there is no need to also use these API calls as you will already have an allowance with your On-going Site API key.

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icons_61Ad-hoc Site-Auditing API

Find SEO problems with thousands of sites in one go.

A call to this API will analyse a domain and in less than 1 minute give you enough information to do a basic evaluation of the level of a website’s optimisation against two competitors.

You can use this method to analyse your own sites, competitor sites, customer sites or prospective client sites.  To get a good understanding of how this works, please check out our sites which use our API to run free site audits. – In English – In French

You can white-label the How Good Is Your SEO  tool – so if you want an easy re-brandable site auditing tool that produces nice PDFs and that can be up and running in minutes get in touch – There may be no need to use the API yourself.

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SEO Lead Generation Tool

icons_86Ongoing Site API

We’ll collect the data you need, when you need it.

This API requires you to add a domain to the Analytics SEO platform through the API.  This requires a simple commercial agreement governing how the data is used and how much it costs (please contact us).

Once a domain is on our system you can poll for the daily and weekly updates to each site.  This is primarily designed for the co-creation and marketing of simple website and SEO reports that are re-sold to SMEs.  IT is typically adopted by Yellow Pages companies, directory publishers, hosting companies and cloud-based analytics software and other software providers that want to add regular SEO insights to their application.

API Documentation, Get API Key

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