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You’ve spent your hard-earned money building a nice website, now you need to promote it.  But how?

Before you start spending thousands of pounds per month on pay-per-click or display advertising; why not discover a way to make the most of the money you have already spent on your website by starting a simple local or national SEO campaign.  This is proven to be the most cost-effective way of driving new customers to your website and our software makes it easy for you. 

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SEO software so simple that you really can do it yourself.

SEO is not a black art or a technical science.  It’s about building a good website and creating content that your prospective customers are interested in.  We show you how to do it the easy way.  Rest assured you do not need to be a Rocket Scientist (unless of course you are selling trips to the moon in which case of course that helps considerably).

Whether you do it yourself or have someone do it for you.  You can do it better with our automated SEO software and you do not need to be an expert – simply follow our colour-coded steps. 

I want to rank higher, I know I need SEO, but I don’t have the time to do it myself.

DIY or use an Agency?  Our SEO software supports either or both.

Our software supports multiple users, so if you have the resources in your business to manage your website and SEO process yourself then read-on.  Many companies use our software to save money by doing the easy things themselves and pay an external agency to do the hard bits they don’t have time or the skills to do.  If you think you’ll need outside help then do consider using one of our accredited agencies.


Follow our Simple, Proven 5 Stage SEO Success Process.

Web Designers aren’t always SEO practitioners or experts.

Most websites have a few obvious issues that are holding them back.   Get a comprehensive technical review of your website and give it to the person who built your website and ask them to ‘fix the red stuff’.  This will give you a quick boost, but more importantly will set a firm foundation from which you can develop your business online.

For additional peace of mind we monitor your site daily and will notify you or your web developer when we find a new problem.

Find the big opportunities and the low-hanging fruit.

Everyone likes to look for quick wins and our system is no different.  We can automatically recommend keywords that only need a little push to generate the largest increases in traffic, as well as the strategic keywords that you should be trying to rank well for in the medium-term.

We’ll even give you the inside track on your competitors’ strategies too so you can piggyback off their efforts.

What does my site say about me?

Pages that are light on useful, original and authoritative content are not well liked by users and search engines.  Find out find out which pages are being shared, where you fall short and which pages need re-writing.  Match pages with your target keywords and get practical suggestions about what you can change on a page to help you better target the desired keywords and audience.

If you’ve allocated some time then simply re-write this content or get your agency to do it for you.

What are other people saying about me?

One of the easiest ways to promote your website is to get others to do it for you.  And they will, if you write useful content or build note-worthy tools or services and you make it easy for them to share it online or on their mobile device.  Encourage your customers and website visitors to review your business, find people who write online about your type of business and come up with an angle to get them to cover your business.

We appreciate not every company has the time and resources to do this and this is where so many websites fall down.  If you lack the time, then find one of our reputable agencies to do this for you.

Is my SEO worth the money?  We make it easy for you to self-assess.

Give it some time – Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Anyone promising you huge, immediate returns from SEO may be trying to take advantage of you.  Effective SEO requires a little bit of consistent effort but can bring huge recurring profits for the long-term.

We make it easy for you to see whether you are generating a return on your spend on our SEO software and any other SEO activity by comparing how much it would have cost you to buy the additional visitors to your site from a pay-per-click Adwords campaign over the cost of our software.

Who uses Analytics SEO?

Michael O’Connor
Hands down the best SEO tool on the market - Analytics SEO has saved us hours of analysis and allowed us to significantly accelerate our SEO performance.

Michael O’ConnorSenior eCommerce Trading Manager @ L'Oréal
Becky Campbell
Here at Reflect Digital we have been using Analytics SEO for nearly 2 years now and think it is a fantastic piece of software that is constantly moving forward. We use the software for managing our current SEO clients, but we also find it invaluable when it comes to going to new client pitches.

Becky CampbellManaging Director @ Reflect Digital
Mike Knivett
We have been using Analytics SEO as a tool for both analysing website data and for lead generation for several years now and continue to be really impressed with its functionality. The “How Good is Your SEO” widget we’ve integrated on our website has generated over 100 leads over the past twelve months and we’ve converted over 60% of these into paying clients!

Mike KnivettOwner @ Artemis Internet Marketing
Aires Loutsaris
This is the most complete SEO tool I have ever had the pleasure of using. After working on the SEO of our site for only 2 weeks now, surprisingly it managed to pick up all our backlinks and is the only tool, of the many I have tried, to do so. I’m speechless and excited to use it daily.

Aires LoutsarisSEO Manager @ Open University
George Wyngaardt
I have been using Analytics SEO for nearly three years and I am extremely impressed with the results. The Analyics SEO team constantly works hard on improving the software making it one of the most reliable tools out there.

George WyngaardtSEO Specialist @ African Internet Accelerator
Jonathan Hinshaw
Upon signing up for Analytics SEO we instantly fell in love with the revenue focused workflow they provide. We're used everything with regards to SEO software (you name it) and Analytics SEO is hands down the best investment we have ever made. Other systems are cumbersome and actually take longer to learn than one would think. Not the case with Analytics SEO. From day one, we were able to enter our customers accounts and start optimizing sites. It's amazing!

Jonathan HinshawFound & President @ EBWAY Creative Solutions
Angela Tucker
"I can't even begin to tell you how long we have been looking for an all in one piece of software that provides what yours does!! I used to spend so much time jumping all over the place for my server and site audits and your software makes my life so much easier! The depth and range of areas your software covers is fantastic and you top it all off with the ability to export the data!! OUTSTANDING!!"

Angela TuckerSEM Strategist @ 1st on the list
Craig McDermott
Analytics SEO is the perfect solution for us when it comes to tracking essential SEO metrics at Enterprise level. No other tool handles the volume of data we need to monitor across a large number domains and presents it all in an intuitive interface.

The Analytics SEO team are great to work with and cultivate their platform based on listening to users like us.

Craig McDermottOptimisation Engineer @ Gforces
Karel Oude Rengerink
I can say that AnalyticsSEO is a very useful and complete tool. It not just shows that the site has flaws, but also where the site has flaws and how to improve it. It gives a complete overview of the site, from technical reporting to building links and competitor insights and that's very useful. One dashboard is all you need. And (for me) the best thing is that it's free (up to one site), although I am thinking of getting a paid subscription.

Karel Oude RengerinkOwner at Best
Alex Barbier
I’m new at Oliver Sweeney and signing up to Analytics SEO was one of my first decisions. I used Analytics SEO in my previous job and I loved it.

Alex BarbierDigital Marketing Director @Oliver Sweeney
Keyword Checking is both faster and more accurate than any other tool on the market
I have used Moz, Positionly, SEO PowerSuite and every other keyword tracking software out there and of all of these tools, I love Analytics SEO the most. I haven't fully tested it yet, but I can already see the results from using it. The keyword checking is both faster and more accurate than any other tool on the market. The user interface is very intuitive. I can easily see which keywords need my attention as they move up and down the SERPs. Thank you so much for building such an incredibly productive tool.

Keyword Checking is both faster and more accurate than any other tool on the marketFounder & CEO of CrunchPrep

I want to rank higher, I know I need SEO, but I don’t have the time to do it myself.

Remember, you do not have to do it all.  Our software is a great backup tool to help you manage your agency – paying them to do the difficult stuff and saving money by fixing the easy things yourself and self-reporting on your success.  You are not alone – and we are here to help with a range of support videos, a searchable knowledgebase and free email support.

Why not start with our free account and see how you get on?

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